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Friday, July 1, 2011

mood weekend

Wordless friday

Say hello to JULY
oh well3 sudah 1 JULY dan masa bergerak dengan begitu pantas

  • Plain rice RM 0.70 / bowl
  • Vegetables RM 1.80 - RM 3.00 / plate
  • Noodles RM 1.00 - RM 2.00 / plate
  • Fresh Seafood RM 3.80 - RM 8.90 / plate
  • Beef / Chicken RM 3.20 - RM 3.80 / plate
  • Prawn / Fish Balls RM 3.80 - RM 4.80 / plate
ape kata try yang ni minggu ni....

p/s : kalo korang nak boleh l print out coupon ni...btw harus refer ke term and condition as per below...
nak cari lokasi sila klik JOHNNY'S

coupon1  coupon2  coupon3

Term & Conditions :
  1. The company reserve the right to stop this promotion at anytime.
  2. Only one coupon can be used at a time.
  3. This coupon is not exchangeable for cash.
  4. Please present this coupon before you place order.
  5. No splitting of table or bill.

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